$36k MartinBauer Tournament Table Invites Billiards Buffs

Owning or at least updating myself about hi-end tables developed for gaming and entertainment purposes is something that interests me. Having introduced you to $30k touchscreen poker table, lately I found another interesting table but for billiards enthusiasts and not pokers. Called MartinBauer Tournament Table, this designer product breeds royalty and invites serious Billiards players. Measuring 9 foot, its play area spreads almost twice as long as its width from the cloth covering the nose of the cushion rubber to the reverse rubber. The table is developed valuing the equipment specifications put forward by the Billiard Congress of America besides offering the heights of sculptural metallurgy.

MartinBauer Tournament Table

Claiming “Super Professional,” it sports hand finished pockets, sections and an absolute diamond gauged playing surface. The built-in lighting technology called Plexineon from iLight Technologies and its magnificence is amplified by the ambient lighting positioned beneath the table. If you have lost your heart over it and wish to install inside your lodging then assign a vacant room of 14’x18’ size. Available in 460 standard colors with metal finishing, the table is retailed at $36,000, which includes its $1770 Tournament Rack but demands a separate $1200 for the Delta light Spacelab series.

MartinBauer Tournament Table

MartinBauer Tournament Table
MartinBauer Tournament Table

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