Clipper CS-1: A Capsule Turned Computer Workstation

Called the Clipper CS-1, this self-reliant, compact computer workstation is not a thingamajig worth glaring in today’s hi-tech era when you find yourself surrounded with countless digital and designer workstations. But the fact is it created a real revolution at the time it was manufactured.

Established in 1994 by Newspace Incorporated, a division of Gilbert International and designed by Douglas Ball, the Clipper is a perfect virtual office designed like a capsule offering concerted and ergonomically accurate workstation or computer usage. Besides offering a level of complete privacy, the computer workstation offers ideal seating, screening, illumination and air supply.

Whilst working in this workstation, you may experience the similar feel of taking a ride in the cockpit of a small plane with the prerequisites within your reach. It unfolds into offering a separate workplace and its rear and front side mechanism offer room for CPU, manuals, files, and even a small printer. Its side wings have four-positions i.e. flat, inclined, and closed. The seat equipped with a back and foot rests allows a complete custom fit to all types of body sizes. Counted 100 editions were developed and deservingly the design was appreciated all across.

Interesting pics:

Clipper CS-1

Clipper CS-1

Clipper CS-1

Via ImpactLab
Clipper CS-1: A Capsule Turned Computer Workstation

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