Suissa Unveils Luxurious Enlighten Desktop PC

Suissa is not a new name in the production of revolutionary custom-built wooden PCs. Maintaining the consistency and its reputation, it keeps on updating its profile by adding more luxurious offerings that aim to make you realize your need. Latest in talks is a company’s new Enlighten model that pushes the company’s eccentric creations to a different height. This new custom built PC adores this glass, wood and metal harmony and may lead to a bit of confusion for a while, there giving it an appeal of a neo-industrial sculpture. The Canadian luxury computer maker has offered a first-class personalization grade to match the PC-sculpture evenly to its divine interiors.

Beside its external beauty, it sports hard technical hardware i.e. an AMD X2 6400+, single NVIDIA 8800GTX, 4GB memory and 1TB hard drive space.

Via Engadget/ TrendHunter
Enlighten Desktop PC

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