Swarovski Encrusted Breeze Bluetooth Headset, Courtesy Philips

And here you have another accessible opportunity to flaunt your over flowing wealth. This can be possible if inking a neat deal with Philips latest offering that comes layered with pesky Swarovski crystals. Called Breeze Bluetooth Headset, it is being hyped as a product “designed by women, for women”. Is it really? In the reason they factor in to take their argument forwards is its shiny and delicate appeal. Even if it is then what argument do they have to prove that women are impressed by such stuff? At least ShinyDiva Lucy Hedges points it to be totally irrelevant or rather mysterious. Coming to the specks of the headset, Breeze sports a variety of buttons to monitor the headphone, its volume, pairing button and a USB port for charging.

Available in two shades i.e. black and white, if you think carrying this ornamented headset is a bit too much, then this can behave as your pendant as well. For now, only this bit of information is available and nothing is said in regards to its pricing….so cool down and relax till it hits the market.

Via Engadget
Breeze Bluetooth Headset

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