Elite Find of the Day: Cobalt Pocketwatch Gadget Concept

It’s being a long now that wrist watches substituted the collection of portable pocket watch and within little span of time another replacement happened and cell phones started to rule. Excuse with the replacement of pocket watch was the attached inconvenience of drawing something out of a pocket and tossing over a cover on order to tell waste. Simply a tedious thing I would ever do! And if you analyze deeply then even mobile phones behave in the similar manner. Those who still are crazy about pocket watches can keep their fingers upon this the revolutionary cobalt concept designed by Adam Huffman.

Claiming to be a superior version of a cell phone whilst sticking to its feel of a pocket watch, the default screen features a small computer inside depicting time, date, temperature, and updates on voicemail, email and text.

Cobalt Pocketwatch

True, the interface looks a bit chaotic, but the very thought of having a PDA connectivity inside a pocket watch is something we would definitely look forward to. Its OLED touch screen offers an easy access to all its features by pressing a simple left, right, up or down.

Via YankoDesign
Cobalt Pocketwatch

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