Pacer Suit Swerves Dancing Moves Into Music

A mere outfit is enough to soothe your ears, which are tired of hearing day-today chaos. Thing is the minute you don this outfit, you will realize that your whole body is turned into a musical instrument governed by the electrical impulses of your muscles. This concept-based pacer suit aims at converting the electrical motions into sound effects.
Parallel to motion capture suits, they are making their dignified presence at high-end graphics and animation boutiques. The outfit produces integrated music with onboard amplifiers and speakers, or communicates wirelessly via infrared with a control console. There resonance would be allocated and augmented according to the artistic selection of the wearer and her coworkers.

Picture this garb extended across the body of a talented belly dancer. Too awful the suit would feature so much of the visually appealing fleshy parts of the dancer. But putting your wild imagination on hold, you will realize that this kind of dance outfit would enable creation of an elite art form.

Via Tuvie
Pacer Suit

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