London’s Olympic Stadium Would Be Portable?

The buzz about the 2012 Olympics would stay alive until the game gets over. If it one end, the debate is about the proceedings scheduled then the other worth-considering issue seems to be the demountable nature of the erected stadium. Idea is to reutilize the stadium after a particular event gets over. If it happens it would be the first ever step with a revolutionary approach that would keep the cost within budget and invite poorer countries to play host. Folks, don’t doubt it to be a travelling circus. But how is it possible? The prospective stadium needs to be constructed using flat pack materials like an Ikea bookshelf that allows it a free movement to another Olympics city. The stadium is to have a stable 25,000 seat main arrangement and particularly for the Olympics, it will install a 55,000 seat upper tier.

In this regards, London is in talks with possible 2016 host Chicago because “both cities are decisive to construct main stadiums with minute numbers of permanent seats while developing giant seating gallows for the two weeks of competition, thereby accommodating around 80,000 people.

2012 Olympics stadium

If this thought gets materialized then possibility is portable nature of stadiums would be the demand of coming generation.

Via Gizmodo/ TreeHugger
2012 Olympics stadium

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