World’s First Solar Speedboat Rides at 30-knot, 80kw Czeers Mk1

We often witness people around us making efforts keep electricity and water at two different poles and little does we realize that the electric engine revolution is spreading like a virus in the boating world as well. But if you happen to be riding over the speedboat on water then there cannot be a better power source than sun. Featured above is the Czeers MK1 model solar speedboat, a 30-knot photovoltaic dream in luscious shades of carbon fiber, solar cell and lush orange leather. Dutch founders claim it to the world’s first solar speedboat.

The Delft Technical University Solarboat Team designed this original platform to enter into the 2006 Nuon Frisian Solar challenge, which they finally won and then started evolved their interest in attracting serious investment power from Rabobank to develop a full scale test boat.

The resulting test boat is structured using 100% carbon fiber inlaid with leather trim, photovoltaic cells on roughly all flat surfaces and an LCD touch-screen control system, unveiled at the Millionaire Fair in 2007, claims to make up to 30 knots on water. The 10-meter boat can be packed in 14 square meters of solar panels and an 80kw electric motor. It runs without oil and produces no fumes or engine noise and rides in a truly fashionable style.

Check out the video:

Via Crave
MK1 model solar speedboat

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