Elite Find of the Day: Flatmobile to Enter Guinness as World’s Flattest Ever Vehicle

Sounding like a Bat Mobile with an appeal that of a legendary car, Flatmobile is all set to enter the Guinness record for owning the world’s flattest sedan ever. Measuring 19 inches high, this revolutionary coupe is arguably the world’s lowest vehicle and powered by a jet engine, it can ride with a speed up to 100 mph. The highlighting feature of coupe is its number plate that is bordered by two missile tips. Also, there is a word of vigilance for those who covet the owner as his position is in corporeal danger with semis surrounding all over the place.


Designed, developed and tweaked by 46-year-old Perry Watkins, it won’t only turn heads but is successful in breaking few.

Via Nexus404/ ShinyShiny

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