Rejuvasun Spa Bed: World’s First Indoor Tanning Bed

If you are confused with strings of plans to rejuvenate yourself by spilling some $$$$ and visiting some far away geography then I propose you to give it a second thought as this is possible right at your home. Whilst the two options I have lately introduced to you are digital SOQI spa bed and pocket steam spa but here I have the third one to propose.

Called ETS Rejuvasun spa bed, this piece of furniture is an out product of association between Indianapolis-based ETS Tan and Carlsbad, the world leader in light therapy. If you doubt the side effects attached to this form of artificial tanning then mind you the UV rays from the sun are equally aggressive. This first-ever indoor tanning bed features FDA-cleared, clinically proven light therapy technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate skin in the face and neck areas.

The countless benefits attached to it include an exceptional non-tanning, pulsating LED unit, offering low-energy light pulses in specific frequencies and light shades that provide a young appeal to your skin. Within 20 minutes, you will feel relaxed and full of life, all thanks to its LED light technology and Omnilux Light Therapy. It gives special attention to everybody part viz. face, neck and others.
Rejuvasun Spa Bed

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  • Tanning salons are increasingly popular alternative to the use of sunbeds in the open air for several reasons. You can enjoy the benefits of tanning at any time. Tanning can be found almost everywhere, holding a bronze looking very comfortable.

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