GEN H-4: World’s Smallest One-Man Helicopter Costs $58,250

GEN H-4, the one pictured above. Don’t doubt it as an air balloon that runs on engine. But to your much-surprise it is the world’s smallest one-man helicopter that is priced at $58,250. Weighing 75-kilogram, the GEN H-4 is equipped with a set of two rotors rotating in reverse directions and can take off at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers (31 miles) per hour.

The creative mind behind its development is a 75-year-old Japanese Gennai Yanagisawa who would be making its demonstration in the city of Vinci on 25 May.

Why only Vinci? Yanagisawa wants to pay a tribute to the fact that the concept is from Italy and with such an offering he would be greeting his ancestor Da Vinci. It was categorized as the world’s smallest helicopter to carry one-person by Guinness World Records in February. This tail-less Helicopter has invited eyeballs and is being sold by Yanagisawa, who is running a company in Matsumoto (Japan). As o now, five units have been sold in Japan and two in US.

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