Electronic Shadow Golf Caddy Respects The Golfer

Call it the best example of technology or unfortunate move for that blemished 16-year-olds engaged till date rendering service to you by carrying your golf accessories. With the unveiling of the Shadow Caddy (at present, for rental purpose only), now it’s possible that your golf club would follow you robotically. How it happens?

Pictured above is a three-wheeled cart that listens to the signal passed from a transmitter worn on the golfer’s body. By controlling the caddy’s setting from “Follow-Me” to “Park,” one thing is sure that would never inadvertently follow you into a dugout or onto the green.

It is on its job irrespective of the weather conditions and rides at a speed fast enough to help you maintain a fast walk. Currently, trails are being demeanor over it at four golf courses in Melbourne, Australia. Folks, the cart would fall into your low budget in juxtaposition to hiring a real being to carry your clubs for you. I am hoping to have its retail version soon.

Via Gizmodo/ Gizmag
Shadow Golf Caddy

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