Elite Blogger: Rendezvous With Michael

Picture this: A geek is in a mood to tag a name-pate to his abode and is not ready to compromise at any single level. Further, the fully-equipped dwelling has to have what is required to do a justice to geeks’ residence. Amidst this dilemma steps in Michael, the editor and founder of Freshome who started this online model to gather ideas for decorating an apartment that he was planning to buy but eventually didn’t had the courage to put a full stop to its surging growth. Hence, Freshome exists today besides the fact that his apartment is ready.

As the tagline reads: Tips, gadgets and inspiration for your home, the blog delves deep into the basic necessities and features the best of the products available. If you happen to fall short on home gadgets and wonder which one you have skipped, then free feel to update yourself with exciting range of 164 home-used gadgets here.

Here you can read what Michael has to share regarding the birth and eternal nature of his blog:

Introduce my readers to the ‘Creative mind’ behind Michael and take us through your typical day at work.
My name is Michael, and I’m a 21 years student & entrepreneur from Romania. A typical day at work? I must admit that I don’t consider work as work. I do what I like and when I like and against it work is something when you are forced to do certain task and for someone else.

What led to the establishment of Freshome?
At first Freshome was just a blog where I wanted to gather ideas for decorating an apartment that I was planning to buy. Meanwhile that apartment is almost ready, and I can’t wait to start putting my ideas in practice. Today I run the blog, because I’m amazed on how many people subscribed to my feed, send me emails, and come back everyday to see something FRESH !!!

At EliteChoice, we have captured a list of 80 world’s most expensive things including gadgets. At personal front, how open are you for inking pricey deals for outlandish gears?
Right now I’m now a millionaire or a billionaire to be able to afford that kind of expensive products.

Whom do you consider as your target audience?
I don’t have a target audience. If someone is interested most welcome and if not then choice is theirs. I’m not selling anything to have a target.

What inspire you?
High achievers & people who did and still make amazing things that seem impossible to most of the people.

What other areas interest you?
Exploring how the human mind works is one thing that I’m really interested in, especially little secrets that require time and experience to be discovered.

Which all products covered at Freshome fall into your favorite list?
If you see something on Freshome it means that is something that I like I don’t post things that I don’t like, just to make a post in conclusion Freshome is a list with my favorite products that I find on the internet.

You hunt for home-used designer products or designers approach you?
Both! In the beginning I was a hunter, but now with Freshome becoming a brand and a lot of people getting aware of my existence; I’m frequently approach by companies and designers.

What is the business model of Freshome? From where do you tag monetary innings?
There is no business model on Freshome is just something that I like, I’ve become addicted.

How you would like to be known as and Why?
a. Blogger
b. Home Design Reviewer
c. Entrepreneur

The last option of Entrepreneur seems wise, and why ? Because I don’t like how the other two words sound.

Pen down your daily online-reads or favorite sites.
I can’t . I have 400 blogs & websites in my RSS reader.

Provide my readers with two of your favorite posts from

a) Freshome

Top-Eight amazing tree-houses

16 most-extreme modern beds you will ever see

b) Others
There are a lot of interesting things that I read on the internet everyday.

What tips would you like to give it to bloggers with running blogs in similar niche so that they can also make big?

Try to understand the word DETERMINATION It isn’t a game and thus demands a serious nerve.
One Hidden Truth
Something that my readers don’t know is that I’m 100 times better at sports that I’m at blogging.

Where do you see your blog after five years from now?
Maybe on another server, because the traffic will increase. :)

What piece of advice you would have given yourself five-years ago?
Don’t listen to your parents and make your dream a reality.

What next at Frershome?
What’s next at Freshome .is secret for now !

Give us your views on EliteChoice.
Everything is ok, but things are a little bit crowded, and a little to more ads.

Your turn! Can ask me one question.
If a doctor would tell you that you have a chip in you that will kill you in 6 months, and your only chance to survive is to make $1,000,000 to stop that chip in these 6 months what would you do ?

I will beg, borrow or steal this hefty amount to save my life as there are many undone tasks without completing them I won’t allow myself to die.

Many thanks Michael for participating onto my EliteBlogger series. We are looking forward to have more interesting home-used gadgets at Freshome.

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