Airwolf Helicopter Replica Reaches eBay

It was only 10 days ago that I was floating smiles all over as Tim Burton era Batmobiles reached eBay, giving me a reason to ink a neat deal. But my happiness went two-fold when the auction was removed as I have a second good option to invest my money into i.e. Airwolf replica that is currently open for bidding at eBay .

Regrettably this Airwolf didn’t have any history of being allied to any TV series, but was developed for a helicopter museum located in Tennessee. Built on an accessible Bell 222A airframe and the side panels, its nose panels and other details replicates the real Airwolf’s specs and plans.

Check out the video:

Likewise the series, the helicopter museum doesn’t exist any more and hence all the collection is up for sale. Currently, the last bid made is $38,900, but fortunately the reserve is still not met. If by any chance you are making up your mind to bid for it then factor in the feature that it is just a replica and can’t really be flown out of your furtive mountain base.

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Airwolf Helicopter Replica

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