Dive Into The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Redefining the term “Under the sea,” is a Poseidon Undersea Resort located in Fiji. The resort offers you a comfortable stay beneath the waves in a room surrounded by acrylic glass. The resort provides its guests with a private plane transport facility that picks them from Fijian airport and drops at Poseidon Mystery Island. It is here that they can enjoy a healthy stay for long-week counting two nights in submarine hotel. It comes equipped with a three-passenger Triton 1000 submarine at their disposal.

For marine lovers, here is a good scope to explore coral reef and enjoy the beauty. It also features beach bungalows for above-sea level accommodations, an undersea library, wedding chapel, eatery, and much more. If figures make a difference to you then it is 40 under the surface of earth and offers you accommodation at $15,000 or plus.

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Poseidon Undersea Resort

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