Ukikit Full-Body Virtual Interactive Foosball Prototype

Those who wish to experience the excitement of video games, soccer and foosball on one go shall read it further others can feel free to skip. Called ‘Full-Body Virtual Interactive Foosball Prototype,’ this designer creation by Ukikit seems to be video version of the foosball game between two players. But on deeper understanding you would realize there is much more to it.


Doing away with the monotonous feel of traditional video game or foosball interface, here each player has an access to physically monitor their team on the field via soccer style foot movements. To make your team move laterally, you have to walk side to side. Here a small kick motion means team kick in the game. This game falls in the ordinary gaming grouping like the Nintendo Wii, except discoverers interfacing through the foot, as against conventional hand based controllers. The technology practiced in this interface is color camera recognition, sonar distance recognition and java software. Lately, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program 2008 (ITP-2008) is in its full swing and thanks to Wii-volution for this. It is clear that this physical virtual foosball game is a perfect candidate to be featured there. Thanks for Thomas Chan for unveiling such a revolutionary creation.

If gaming doesn’t interest you but you want to have a similar experience then Heliodisplay 3-D Air Screen is suggestible.

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Full-Body Virtual Interactive Foosball


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