One-Hour Over Klini Sound Wave Chair = Eight Hours of Sleep

And here comes another product that claims to take care of your health. Called the ‘Klini Sound Wave,’ this innovative chair is an out product of the research and development done over it during past many years. This functional recliner makes use of sound, vibration and guided metaphors to extract rapid and unforced deep leisure. It is a great move towards having a sound health. The therapy done by this chair aims at doing away with fears, gloominess, phobias, weight loss, and personal insights and ensures stress relief, meditation together with cutting down your aches.

Klini Sound Wave Chair

It is been said that one-hour of sitting with Klini Chair is almost equal to eight-hours of sound sleep. It works via three stereos erected on the base with four heavy duty base thumper speakers positioned under and back of the chair. The tune it produces is specially designed chakra alignment beats. Lend your ears to the tones and experience the quivering that the tones turn in to through the base thumper amplifiers. It’s really soothing! Installing this digital chair at home would mean serving to your long-fulfilled needs of spa, treadmill and gymnasium.

The overall activity assures synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. The Klini Sound Wave Recliner is available at a retail price of $3000 plus shipping but word is around you may get it at a discounted price from some select stores.

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Klini Sound Wave Recliner

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