Chihuahuas: Most Expensive Dog Breed; Bites Pet Owners With £90,000 Over Lifetime

There is nothing great about Chihuahua till the time you are pampering them from a distance. But owning them can make news as not everyone can afford to do it. Researchers did a survey after involving around 3,000 people and propose that maintaining one of the minuscule dogs can set you back with a hefty sum of £90,000 over its lifetime. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Sharon Osbourne are known for having a fad for Mexican breed.

It was witnessed that Chihuahua owners are twofold as likely as wardens of other breeds to shell out dough on fresh meat, vegetables and gravy for their dog’s meal. Also, their growing bank balances nourishes their desire to buy costly jeweled collars for their pets, stylish jeweled doggie-apparels, pet pavilion, soft beddings, and pricey accessories and dog-house. Chihuahua, known to have a life-span of 13 years is calculated to cost its owner around £6,081 a year including veterinary costs, meals, grooming, kennels and insurance.

Also, maintenance of more than one dog is being seen as a situation of financial crisis by almost 20% of the owners.

paris hilton Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are followed by greyhound that demands an expenditure of £82,797 from its proud owners. And third one falling in the list is mastiff costing around £81,619. Also, it was detected during a survey that around 39% of owners were ignorant about the cost involved in keeping a pet.

Via DailyMail

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