HPI To Unveil G-Dog Robot In Japan

Before you ponder over this dog-shaped animation and mistakenly doubt it as your kids’ toy, let me take the honor of introducing you to the form beyond function of this doggy robot. Designed and developed by HPI Corporation, it would surely be a product of difference against their line of radio-controlled cars and planes that serve as pricey deals for boys willing to grow.

G-Dog Robot

Called the G-Dog, it follows the right design philosophy and claims to be quick and dexterous rather than lethargic like the late Sony Aibo robo-dog.

The company was actually in a dilemma to decide the look of a greyhound dog and has finally used the “RS304MD” Time To Live command /PWM controls that assures its speediness. HPI is planning to release four models of G-Dog robot in July.

Enjoy the ultra-cool “HPI G-Dog Robot” video:

Via News3Yen
G-Dog Robot

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