Ghana Believes In Branded Burials!

With such wide eyes, you must be wondering if such giant beer-bottle or one shaped like coke would ever be useful. Ask Ghana nationalities and they will tell you the relevance of such branded products. Seemingly bottles, these are apparently very purposeful as they serve as coffins to celebrate one’s death ceremony.

It is no prank as Delicious Ghost points to this Ghanaweb writeup: For Ga tribe, the moment of funeral is a blissful period of mourning along with celebration. They believe death is a stage that takes a human being to a new phase of life and thus his farewell should be performed in an elite manner. And what could be more valuable than honoring their dead with intensely tinted coffins that commemorate the way they lived. Other branded examples can be counted as giant Coke bottle, an Air Jordan coffin or even cigarette coffins.

Also, artists and carpenters have mixed feelings for this product with a different reason. They cherish the fact that the designer coffins are being used here as a home for their after life but also grieves that all their efforts invested in making the unique coffin gets buried with the burial of the dead body.

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Branded Coffins

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