Bathing Via Pocket Shower

Activities like camping and showering are fun for every one but there is something that differs ordinary men from die-hard travel freaks. It is their willingness to unveil hidden territories and experiment with new travel accessories. The latest product to feed their travel hunger is a Pocket Shower from Sea to Summit.

The 2.6 gallon Pocket Shower features a squashed showerhead that functions with slanting on/off regulator. The stream can be monitored by bathers to produce a slow trickle, or opt for open it up entirely for a dousing 8-minute power shower. And if you crave for that one drop of warm water during those chilly winters and camping mornings, then this would surely be your savior. All you need to do is to keep this black fabric in the sun so that the black pack soaks the maximum heat. This multi-purpose device can be used as a dry sack to carry clothes, a sleeping bag, or those aforesaid beauty products.
Pocket Shower

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