Walk-Don’t Walk Chairs Apparently Cannot Walk!

The parody resides in the very name of the chair. Don’t let your mind bent towards a pedestrian side as the chair: Walk-Don’t Walk is miles away from walking. Artisan John Carter formed a perfect blend of the fine art, interior design and social commentary and the result is before your eyes.

Developed using genuine New York City signs, the USP of the chair reside in its movement being monitored by a remote control. The integrated remote control allows you to on and off the signs when needed. Ideally, they should read: Sit Or Don’t Sit. It drives power from a standard 115V wall outlet and the custom-built bulbs can be used whenever need arouse. The configured legs of the chair are made using steel street sign brackets and are stimulated and fixed with self leveling feet.

These handmade chairs reflect scuffs and stains of living in New York for ages and if these old appeal fails to impress you then you can opt to for a whiny clean look. The seating facade is made from an inch thick via polished resin glass. It can be yours if you are willing to drop $3700.

Via CoolestGadgets/ MakeZine
Walk-Don’t Walk Chairs Apparently Cannot Walk!

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