AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill System For Equine Athletes

We have witnessed human beings taking aquatic therapy on Hydro Physio Treadmill but how about horses experiencing this form of relaxation. Dubbed as the AquaPacer Equine Underwater Treadmill, the system was developed to help equine athletes reach peak targets. Whether recuperating an injury or gearing up for lifetime performance, the Ferno AquaPacer is the only solution. Both veterinarians and instructors have revealed the benefits of aquatic therapy. In order to achieve the accelerated conditioning, it unites well the natural properties of water and hydrokinetic exercise in a user controlled setting. Hydrokinetic exercise is assisted by using the horses’ own natural stepping on a non-slip, solid surface treadmill. Assuring unmatched curative healing and conditioning, this system enables horses and pones to use the same muscles, ligaments and tendons that are employed in traditional land-based exercise minus stress and trauma.

The accessibility on this AquaPacer can be adapted through variable water heights, treadmill speeds and water temperatures, as required by each horse. The transparent panels surrounding it allow users to tap horse’s movement as well as offer an expedient walk-through for loading and unloading. This is a must have product if looking for the best way of rehabilitation, improved performance and flexibility, increased cardiovascular fitness, strength, fitness and conditioning.

The Ferno AquaPacer would enable horses achieve reduced weigh bearing of 40-60%, soft tissue mobilization, modulation and reduction of pain, reduction of friction between articulating joints and minimizes performance injuries. It features a direct drive hydraulic motor that has variable speed settings from 1-7 mph and the exercise chamber fills and drains in 3 minutes.

Aqua Paws Platinum Underwater Treadmill System

There is more for your pampered poochie as well as he doesn’t deserve an ignorant treatment and thus is a fit candidate to experience the Aqua Paws Platinum Underwater Treadmill System.
AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill

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