HeartBeans Coffee-Grinder Grinds In Tune With Your Heart Beat

I am surrounded by a whole set of people who cannot imagine their day in absence of a cup of coffee. And here I choose to be a part of that tribe as it is a great stress buster after fagging. Apparently, the idea is to highlight the affection involved in brewing the coffee.

Called HeartBeans grinder, which is still a concept it promises to prepare a cup of coffee after listening to your heart beat. Featured at NastyPixel, HeartBeans operates a motor within a mahogany casing that captures the pace of the user’s beating heart and then operates in sync with the heartbeat.

Check out the video:

The concept (if ever turn a reality) would intend to persuade an understanding of familiarity with the procedure of making coffee while creating a special flavor with each use. Also, other emotion attached to it is its affectionate appeal that resembles to a mother holding a baby.

HeartBeans Coffee-Grinder

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