CERVA MC08: Single Person Multi-Purpose Unique Vehicle

Featured above is CERVA MC08, an oval shaped transport vehicle that can be used as a car, motor cycle, jet plane, yacht or submarine. All thanks to Michal Erva, the great mind behind this creation. At 26, this young designer has proved what miracles he can offer with coming time. And it is his hobby to revolve around revolutionary ideas that has led to the birth of this striking creation.

Are you all set to take a ride over this elegant vehicle that can be converted into ‘X’ wheels to serve your changing needs. Its flexibility resides in combining array of porches like three wheel axles that can be fixed to use it on road. Those who love enjoying thrill and wish to experience an eventual mood should keep their fingers upon this vehicle. It has a space to carry one or two people on one go.


Its center wheel glides ahead if you need stability in case of speed and while slowing down the stability is maintained by hidden gyroscopes in the axle.

This is surely the first-of-its-kind vehicle modeled to offer adventure.

Via Tuvie

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