Develop Your Own Multitouch Table Via Cubit

Engineers working at Eyebeam, a New York arts and technology center, are radically engaged in cutting down the cost involved in making of multitouch tables by offering them open-source. Schematics for the Cubit, a multi-touch tabletop exhibit are accessible online for individuals interested in designing their own Microsoft Surface at a cost less than one tenth of the Surface’s price. Called Cubit, this boxy tabletop comes with a clear surface.

To get started, the proud would-be owner of the multi-touch table needs to have a webcam with an infrared filter and a small image projector. All you need to do is to plug in the webcam, install the Cubit software and turn on the projector and start moving. Eyebeam guys Addie Wagenknetch and Stefan Hechenberger share that they were liberating the Cubit to highlight the visibility that anyone can build a multitouch table.
In addition to designs and online software’s, the duo would be selling DIY kits featuring instructions and parts.

Lately, the Cubit was exhibited 0at the Maker Faire together with handful of other open-source multi-touch projects. Initially open-source focused only upon software but with time DIYers like Eyebeam andBug Labs are now taking the attitude into the dominion of hardware as well.

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