Kohler Hi-Tech Fountain Toilet Needn’t Attend Nature’s Call!

Engulfed with blue lights and a play trick of open-and-close button, it is not only difficult but also impossible to accept that it is a toilet seat. Even if you make yourself understand the reality, you can’t afford to use it to attend nature’s call over it. You may give a second thought before actually relieving yourself by excreting bodily waste. Let me now demystify the mystery of Kohler hi-tech fountain toilet.

For eco-enthusiasts, the 1.28 gallon per flush system stands there saving water and dehydrating sewer crocodiles. Folks, you need to be a patient as these elite accessories would hit the market only in June. This is an opportunity to have a firsthand understanding with Ayn Rand’s work devoid of resorting to defecating in the fiction aisle at Barnes and Noble.

Kohler Hi-Tech Fountain Toilet

Well, this functional masterpiece is retailed at just $3,800.

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Kohler Hi-Tech Fountain Toilet

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