Interactive Floor ‘Living Image’ By Arcstream

After the usage of interactive floors for imparting knowledge amongst kids (albeit still a concept), the realistic turn taken by interactive flooring is clearly visible at The Science Museum as part of their “Science for Survival” exhibition. Featuring an interesting projection by experts, Arcstream AV has unveiled their revolutionary offering of an Interactive Floor ‘Living Image’. How this system works: Its access to an overhead projector and a variety of sensors performs the real-time changing of an image as and when some on goers steps upon. The floor interaction via changing images of pool of water, fishes, water ripples purely depends upon the movement of people walking on it. Its infra-red sensors provided by Electrosonic enables top track several people at one go.

Check out the demo:

The projector used has a reasonably normal resolution of 1024 x 768, but is chiefly bright at 6,500 Lumens.

Interactive floor

It is the ability of this technology that very beautifully engages people’s senses i.e. sight, sound and touch. The exhibition would be open till November 2008.
Interactive floor

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