Elite Estate: Bora Bora Private Resort Demands $5.5 million

Now here you have an opportunity to turn your dream of owning your own private island, only if you have spare $5.5 million to invest. Eden Beach in Bora Bora is throwing a perfect investment prospect for all Richie-rich, who are used to inking such deals. Positioned amidst the most unusual vacation destination in the world, the 9.3-acre private island was functional as hotel and resort since 2001 and is now inviting takers for demanding $5.5 million. Picture this: You woke up adoring the sun in a hotel standing on island with integrated restaurant, kitchen, pool and bar. The estate also features a huge house followed by 16 miniscule bungalows.

The presence of two giant beaches surrounding it; one on a glittering lagoon and the other on the Pacific adds a ton to its beauty. This beach can be used for marketable or private purposes.

Via PrivateIslandOnline
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