The Orchid: Eco-House Inks £7.2 mn Deal, Sets World Record

Money shines in the living room and surroundings of rich tribes. And why not when they have enough spare dough to burn! Take a peep into their lifestyle and the fact that how much cash they can afford to pay while thinking to ink deals for purchasing estates. Without pondering over so much, let’s consider the lately happened pricey deal of a Cotswold-based eco-house that got sold off for £7.2 million ($14.3 million). This ‘purely contemporary manor house’, modeled on a bee orchid established on the preserve got sold off last week to an unidentified buyer. The unknown buyer holding a profession in the entertainment business has plans to install a glass-sided badger set in the garden.

The Orchid

Word is around that Brad Pitt wanted to purchase this Orchid House, while Kylie Minogue has had a good stay there. With no details available about its eco-friendly appeal and enigma, one is hopeful that it may consume less electricity and should be dependent upon subversive pump and geothermal heating.

The OrchidThis elite estate is developed and designed by Sarah Featherstone.

Via DailyMail/ NewLaunches
The Orchid

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