Pet Pavilion: Luxury Pet House Or Doggie Microwave?

Folks who have a flow of emotions towards their pets would make sense out of the product I am going to put across. Also, I am okay being called foolish from the other lot as the fault is not theirs but interests do make a difference. Pictured above is a seemingly pet microwave that offers a healthy stay to your much pampered pets. Called Pet Pavilion, it is a feature packed luxurious pet house that beats the living conditions of most individuals. It gives you a second choice before inking a deal with the $25000 dog houses. Other features of this pavilion include PC-based incubation process supervision, ideal temperature and humidity limits, an integrated infrared radiation and carbon heating element, an antibiotic air filter for removing dust, a carbon filter for scent and a solenoid regulator for “medical treatment.” For now, there is no information about the cost and availability of this pet pavilion but it would be a must-have possession for all the pet lovers. It would be open for a first-hand feel at the Koreannovation trade show scheduled on 14-15 May in NYC.

Check out the video:

If you can’t want for this product and are looking for a best option for your poochie then make him stay in a $2 mn dog resort (Chateau Poochie) or install a Fit-fur-life treadmill to save your time from picking and dropping him at the resort. Also, Hello Kitty’s creation of $31, 660 dog house is worth picking.

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Pet Pavilion

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