Enjoy Spa Via Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

Calling all hard-workers or rather work alcoholics and not hardly-working souls to tone down their stress. Time for spa! Okay, you must be enjoying the spa-synergy as a part of your routine but a similar exercise in an exclusive spa-capsule can change your mood within minutes, thereby making you more proactive. Featured above is a spa-Jet hydro therapy massage bed, which is inviting attention because of its holistic system of equilibrium and reinstatement creating a ground-breaking upgrading for spa and skin care management via Hydrofusion.

Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

The stay in this capsule blends all natural components of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, Vibromassage, Oligotherapy and Musico-therapy.

The compact process aims at optimizing body cleansing, moisturizing, and the infiltration of nutrients assuring glowing skin. You name a body treatment (massage, hydrate or detoxify) and the device offers it all. ASll you need to do is to lie down and enjoy the beautiful ambience of this engineered capsule. An average etiquette conduct starts with an exfoliating sea salt, followed by a mud, clay or seaweed body mask application to detoxify, rejuvenate and nurturing the dead skin. It also offers other sundry benefits i.e. weight loss, cellulite reduction anti-aging and many others. The access to LCD display allows you or your therapist to choose from a range of programs and preferences.

Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

If you are open for more choices, then free feel to take a look at the World’s first ever LED spa and Robotic body massager.

Hydro Therapy Massage Bed
Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

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