Covini C6W: Freak Sports car

The old adage: “It is better to have two hands than one” seems to have rightfully influenced the automobile industry as well. Sporting six-wheels instead of regular four, the Covini C6W by Covini Engineering don’t let you stay in your virtual world as presents you with a real freak that takes pride in running on six wheels. But undoubtedly, the latest model has it all—Style, spark, substance with a tinge of machismo.

Covini C6W

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If you happen to get a chance to take a ride over it then burn the roads in the geography where this revolutionary coupe is appreciated. This model offers a commendable grip and better braking facility.

Covini C6W

This leaves me with one open-ended question…Can I now imagine of the entry of a double decker sedan?

Via Neatorama/ TrendHunter
Covini C6W

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