The Majik LP 12: An Elite Turntable

Witnessing a visible surge in the number of people chasing DJ as their profession, those turntables developers cannot sit at peace. Making the best of their need, here is a company called Linn that is engaged into production of funky turntables. Lately unveiled Majik LP12 is the latest model that is being said to be a revamp of the sounded LP12 turntable offering by Linn almost 35 years ago with an only difference that the new one comes with an elbow. Based on the innovative record setting Sondek, the Majik edition adds a new Linn power supply, a solid base board, an Adikt MM cartridge and a Pro-Ject 9cc tone arm. The Majik LP12 makes use of a flat Neoprene belt that makes things moving along with a single-piece carbon-fiber arm tube and head-shell.

The sub-chassis on the deck are machine-pressed, thereby offering a strong consistency. It is available in five different finishes and is priced at $4,000. If it fails to convince you, then free feel to consider USB turntable and world’s most expensive turntable.
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The Majik LP 12

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