Elite Find of the Day: World’s Smallest Quran at IIR Dubai Bride Show

Die-hard Muslims should lend all their ears here. Touted to be the World’s smallest Quran (the Holy book of Muslims); the quran is adorned on sapphire stones and fitted in pendants or wedding rings. They are been witnessed as a perfect accessory or emblem to be carried during marriage rituals. Counted 10,000 lines of wording is imprinted with a white gold whilst platinum have been extolled on mere 20 sapphire nanochips, measure just 5.8 mm by 9.8 mm. Developed and designed by Mir Enterprises, a single piece would cost you $4,084.

World’s Smallest Quran

Company’s MD, Dr Mir Mokhtari told Gold News: “To give due amount of respect to the Quran, it will never be produced in big numbers. This limited edition jewellery will be designed for those who want to keep these words of purity close to them.

The stone is recognized as Micro Engineering of Quran as Art (MEQA) and took almost two years to give it a final shape. A layer of quartz protects the surface to guarantee the sacred text should not be made impure even with a mere touch. The Quran was featured at the IIR Dubai Bride Show from 23-26 April.

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World’s Smallest Quran

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