World’s Most Expensive Yo-Yo

And thanks to me once gain for putting you across world’s most expensive yo-yo here at EliteChoice. This is one of the efforts to run actively my initiative of world’s most expensive things. How much it got sold for? Obvious question that deserves an instant response: It generated sales of $16,000 during an auction. Now, for those who are illiterate about the existence or evolution of yo-yos, I have something to enlighten them. Invented by the Chinese ages back in 2500 BC, it is a newbie that has reached this level. Developed and designed by Hasbro using airplane-grade aluminum, the Cold Fusion yo-yo was structured using a ball-bearing axle & break pads for quick retort. Besides using high-grade aluminium, the USP of the yo-yo resides in its longest recorded yo-yo spin.

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World’s Most Expensive Yo-Yo

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