World’s First LED Spa: A Reality Made Possible by Tunbridge Wells

Health and energy spas have realized the usage of LEDs as a successful spa capsule tool. Lately, the Med Spa Clinic at Tunbridge Wells takes honor in offering the facility of world’s first LED spa via a complete body spa capsule.
Running on the Oxy-LED Light Spa Capsule, this spa assured a significant weight-loss by making you bear LED light of wavelengths ranging from 625 to 980 nm, thereby causing strong physical stimulus. This Oxy treatment can be mixed with conventional spa healing like dry thermal heat and vibratory rubdown.

This form of spa also assures body contouring and emotional lift rehabilitation. This medium of staying fit doesn’t come cheap and thus demands a loud sum of £35 to £100 for a 30-90 minutes long process.

Alpha LED Spa

Alpha LED Spa

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