Volk Racing RE30 Wheels Comes With 24-Karat Gold Casing

Those who are tired of flaunting their wealth via fashionable accessories can add some bling to their coupe. What a fun riding the road on gold wheels, thereby breaking heads of the onlookers. And this desire can be fuilfilled via Volk Racing RE30 Wheels that comes with 24K gold plating. Perect for filthy-rich, these wheels aim at altering sedate and dreary cars into the real obsession by adding a bling touch to it.

Measuring 19-inch, the wheels stand away from the myriad of existing wheels. Ben Schaffer of Bulletproof Automotive is the sole creative mind hehind this custom-built design of the wheel. If you happen to get your wheels don a gold touch, then you have to be more vigilant while parlking. For sure, these whells would burn the roads.

If it fails to interest you or fall short of your dignity then free feel to ink a deal with $1,40,000 hot wheel car or $23,690 gold alloy wheels.

Via | Jalopink / Bulletproof Automotive
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