Robot Lawn Mower Can Cut Human Into Pieces

LawnBott, the $2,750 robot claims to be the honest automated lawn mower with a potential to hack 33,000 sq ft of grass on a single go. But lately it has revealed its true face as well.

It is capable to grill humans into pieces as well. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Kyodo America have lately thought of “reminding them instantly.” Actually, one of the possessors elevated the mower from the land while it was in motion and “endured slight gashes from the stirring cutting edge.” It is another set of stupid humans making efforts to win the Darwin Award.

For the creator, it may not be something big but the US CPSC and the company are decisive to recollect models LB2000, LB2100, LB3000, and LB3200 as “the hurtful blades persist to swivel when the mower is raised from the ground and the left out space on the side of lawn mower would evidently hurt the feet.” Instaed of doing any good to clients, it would surely invite people who would be anti-robot land mower.

Via | Gizmodo
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