AZOO Unveils Eco-Desk Cum Aquarium

Changing interior decors can infuse life even in a dead room. But for installing innovative products one need to have enough space, thereby offering them their share of visibility. And at the same time time-crunch is seen as the loud issue everywhere. During last two months, I have introduced you to the ranging forms of aquariums that serve dual purpose. Starting from Spacearium (a wall-divider aquarium), fish, farm cum kitchen garden, customized aquariums, Moody Acquario (bath tub cum aquarium), Coffee table cum Aquarium, today there is a new mammal to this growing eco system.

Burning your stress, this Eco-Desk with integrated aquarium focuses upon rejuvenating you besides adding an aesthetic feel to your living room or workplace. The AZOO Eco-Desk Lifestyle Aquarium features an integrated self-contained system that cleans water automatically, thereby offering a never ending pleasure for its owner. While through the day you can utilize this as work table and in presence of any guests you can flaunt this pricey possession. The table top is designed using a single piece machined aluminum table frame with built-in optically clear glass that opens up easily offering an easy access for its set up.

AZOO Eco-Desk

Its internal frame features a glass aquarium and two 13 Watt T5 light housings that are on a hinge arm that offers a comfy access for light tube substitution and alteration. The eco-desk includes Azoo’s conservation sump system for consistent water flow and active cultivator bed for organic filtration and a stable pH of 6.8 for maintain correct growing conditions of water plants. It is available in five models and two styles (metal or wood) through authorized AZOO online shop.

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AZOO Eco-Desk

AZOO Eco-Desk
AZOO Eco-Desk

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