World’s Most Expensive Bed Linen Offers Midas styled sleep

The following news is a clear example of the initiative taken by production companies to prove that there has to be one world’s most expensive tag is every category. Whilst I covered 80 such world’s most expensive things beginning this year, the list demands a frequent updating. It may seem strange but truly the creation of a 22 carat pure gold bed linen is a blown up extravagance. Those having a spare amount to burn can feel this luxury. Designed by the house of Charlotte Thomas, this unique and pricey collection is targeted at richer pockets.

Expensive Bed Linen

Delivering the extreme in night-time luxury and classiness, it is completely handmade with 22-carat gold sewn into the premium merino fabric. Every single piece is supported with a refined Indian silk jacquard and harmonized by Egyptian cotton sheets counting 1000 threads. A need for an elegant and graceful pillow can be fulfilled by spilling over �1,200 ($2400). This very well proves that one needs much more than a roof and pillow to have a sound sleep.

Expensive Bed Linen

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World's Most Expensive Bed Linen Offers Midas styled sleep

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