Eco-Friendly Computer Gets A Bamboo Touch

The recyclability of bamboo is being efficiently utilized. But its utility entering into the consumer electronics segment is commendable. Would you believe if I say that now it’s possible to install a computer with a bamboo coating? Well before you could respond, I suggest you to believe as Michael Dell have unveiled a computer with a bamboo casing. Its creation also integrates gamut of other recyclable materials starting from milk cans to detergent cases.

Bamboo computer

This form of clever wrapping by Dell assures that the model remains lighter and smaller than existing models. Well, its hi-tech novelty is not limited to its appeal as this Eco Bamboo Computer cuts down the usage of power by almost 70%. This is clear alarm for the other players of this industry to produce something really striking that stands above Dell’s planet friendly range. You can ink a neat deal by shelling out $500-$700.

Via Earth2Tech
Bamboo computer

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