Elite Estate: £130 million Stately Home

Fingers crossed as the construction of this would-be world’s most expensive home is under controversy. A billionaire has plans to convert the vacant Athlone House in Highgate into a majestic estate by investing £80m over its revamp. There are number of issues involved. To begin with it is now difficult or rather impossible to expel Harry Hallowes, an unlawful tenant who’s been residing here for past 21 years. Harry claims to have access to squatters’ rights since last year that allows him to continue staying in his tent. His small plot is valued at astounding £4million. But after a revamp, the house will hold a value worth £130mn beating the preceding tag of £80 mn for a house located in Kensington, South-West London.

most expensive home

Hallowes is hoping to look to a meeting with his neighbor to acquire his £16m estate as he hasn’t been living here since he bought this. Once everything settles down, the luxury site will feature an impressive driveway, a subversive swimming pool, tennis courts and staff cottages. But critics have their own take and thus defined the artists’ impersonation of the new home as a “traverse between a Stalinist place and a Victorian madcap refuge.” The Highgate Society will counter planning consent and is seeking legal advice on ways to combat the progress. Property forecasters are of the view that the manor will overhaul a £115m flat in St James’s Square, Central London, to be honored as the world’s most expensive home.

most expensive home

Small background: Athlone House was erected in 1855 with 5 acres of countryside garden considered to imitate the palace at Versailles. It was constructed especially for MP Edward Brooke, who made a kismet in aniline dye and is also used as a military recuperative home in both world wars.

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most expensive home

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