Ford F-650 XUV From Alton Truck

You’ll be protected during the Zombie catastrophe if you ink a neat deal with one of these Ford F-650-based SUVs, custom-built by Alton Truck Company. This 7-door creature features an outrageous quantity of armature that comes equipped with a Caterpillar 7.2L C7 ACERT engine along with 230 hp and 660 lb.-ft. of torque. While the stockpiles of undead are shattered externally, it offers you the comfort of hardwood flooring, custom captain’s chairs, wireless computer positions with an integrated 42-inch plasma TV.

The all new Alton F-650 XUV or Crossover Utility Vehicle is not only designed to make heads turn but its elegance and a robust aura makes you feel nothing short of riding in a luxurious armored vehicle. With a gross vehicle weight rating of a staggering 11,700 kg, this incredible XUV is one of the best Apocalypse vehicles that will not only look intimidating to hostile elements but will also save you from a zombie attack. The hardwood flooring seems to be ideal for times when the XUV keeps bouncing off road and you just might find yourself on the floor, tossed like a ragdoll. Besides its invaluable use as a doomsday vehicle, the all new Alton F-650 XUV also presents various real life applications, especially for law enforcement agencies and private security companies. Though the chassis of the F-650 might not be tough enough the handle a RPG round, yet this magnificent vehicle will be more than suitable to be used as a visual deterrent against mobs and other trouble makers.


The four computer workstations inside the compartment of the F-650 XUV could just as easily serve as the command center for a variety of police agencies. In a timeline where eco-friendly and hybrid vehicle are fast becoming the call of the day, this diesel guzzling behemoth, might be the one thing to even make the environment conservationists drool over the macho design and the slew of features packed inside the F-650. The 7.2L Caterpillar engine will definitely be a sound worth hearing and while the F-650 XUV might not be your everyday station wagon, it is most definitely a vehicle you would want to take on a long road trip, giving your family the time of their lives, while keeping them safe.

Price: $200,000

Via AltonTruck
Ford F-650 SUV

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