PLAY! Coffee Table Acts a Bit Pricey

Coffee time is no more accompanies with watching TV but goes beyond that to bring fun back to your life. I can recall introducing musical rumba series table to you months back and now I have a pricey competitor. Appositely labeled as PLAY! the Coffee table helps revive the babyhood memories by keeping you engage with those sliding tile riddles to put the complete depiction of our desired cartoon personality jointly. Structured on the similar concept is this coffee table that features a slide-puzzle top. With each deal, the omitted piece divulges one of 16 storage boxes. It is a good way to kill time and burn stress simultaneously by being in the company of your family, friends and acquaintances. This has surely added excitement to the coffee break.

PLAY! Coffee Table

Designed and developed by BCSXY, it is structured using Walnut veneered plywood and lacquer print and can easily be transported on wheels. It can be yours on a drop of $6,000.

Check out the video:

PLAY! Coffee Table

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