Elite Blogger: Rendezvous With Joe Stirt

There cannot be a possible second Anesthesiologist Blogger when the first position is ruled by Joe Stirt, 59 from Book of Joe. Long back, he came across anesthesia as a specialty while spending his good-odd time in a medical school.

The petty thing of posing like a mannequin besides monitoring the blood pressure after every five minutes used to kill him. After facing sleepless nights, Joe’s internship came to an end and he became a family doctor. Within two years, he started feeling frustrated as the profession demands lending ears to console around 35 depressed people each day along with a cure for any of their physical manifestation. And now running a blog ‘Book Of Joe’ religiously since 24 August, 2004 has added a suffix to the designation of a anesthesiologist and he is popularly known as World’s most popular ‘Anesthesiologist Blogger.’ His presence here under Elite Blogger series is a justification to my commitment of bringing forth an insight about each blogger captured at 2007 Round-Up: Top 125 Elite Blogs. Fortunately he topped the charts there as well by making up to ‘2007 BEST OF THE BEST BLOGS.’

Joe StirtThe cold practicality of what the head orders and the tugging of heart, in a course all its own, makes the survival of ‘Book Of Joe’ as essential for others living. It is a daily blog populated with must-know products, deep honest thoughts and observations about the world. Handled by a singular man, there is much more about Joe that one cannot afford to miss. Those interested can enlighten their ignorance by being with the flow while the rest can choose to skip this post. I am sure that won’t be any latter set.

From Here Joe will take it further:

Qualification and from: I like to read and I like to write and I am a fanatic about accuracy

What makes you name your blog as ‘Book Of Joe?’
It is a perfect brew of a play on the biblical book and my own name

Inspiration for you comes from?
Persistence and Resilience

Besides blogging, what all areas interest you?
Many to start with reading, fashion, food, sports, technology, science, art, design, history, medicine, geography and space.

What can be seen as your blog’s USP?
It stands on Comcast and the blog host is TypePad.

Point your five favorite blogs besides ‘Book of Joe.’
I don’t read blogs so I have no favorites; the only time I look at a blog is if someone sends me a link or I need information

What is the concept that ‘Book of Joe’ Follows?
It tries to capture whatever potential material interests, amuses, amazes, surprises and appalls me.

How many posts you manage to play in a day?
Precise-The number stands at 8 with each appearing 1 minute after the hour from 9:01 a.m. thorough 4:01 p.m. (and the cycle runs seven days in a week)

Joe StirtWhom do you consider as your target audience?
Anyone who wants a breakPen down any object or moment you take pride in.
Writing every word of every post for past 3.5 years without missing a single day/post bring smile on my face with shoulders going broad.

What do you count as your hobby?
Blogging, reading, running, food and sportsIf Joe Stirt wouldn’t have been a blogger then?

Your Favorite Post:

a) From book of Joe
For the Geek Girl Who Has Everything: Swarovski Philips Heart Beat Flash Drive

b) From Others:
I Am Ready to Try Walking While Working

One Hidden Truth

I very much enjoy being shown that I was wrong and then making the correction

How would you like to be known as? a) Anesthesiologist Blogger b) Successful entrepreneur c) Any other personae you have in mind.

I would like to maintain my present celebration of Anesthesiologist Blogger.

Joys and Pains of Blogging:
Amusing myself and learning things is the joy; about once a week or so it gets tiring, the requirement to create new material on a daily basis

Any tip to Bloggers?
Four things:
1) Update regularly, preferably daily so that a prospective reader will always find something new;
2) Be concise;
3) Use proper spelling and grammar if you can’t get something that basic correct, your credibility is shot before you’ve even begun, as the reader thinks you don’t really care about what you’re writing;
4) Be yourself

Your views on Traditional Journalism V/S Blogging.
There’s room for both

Funniest Blog Post Ever Read/ Written:
My cat Humphrey struts his stuff on my treadmill

Can you think of any funny thing that dominates your mind but not yet materialized?

Live TV of myself blogging while walking on my treadmill (it’s what I do, 4-6 hours/day) on the Web, in real time.

Advice you’d have given yourself 5 years ago.
Spend money less foolishly so I wouldn’t have to work in the OR giving anesthesia as much as I do currently.

Last but not least, what would you like to see the blogging world accomplish? Become more interactive and real-time; I’m fully intending to have live bookofjoeTV up and running within two years. I see joeTV as an adjunct to my blog: there will be a live 24/7 realtime link/window on the homepage with who knows what on it.

Your tagline says ‘World’s most popular blogging anesthesiologist.’ Could you justify the usage of term anesthesiologist in relation to your blog?

I’m a board-certified anesthesiologist; I blog; my blog traffic statistics indicate there’s not
another anesthesiologist blogger remotely as popular, anywhere in the world

Can you feel any regrets when you sit back and talk to yourself?
Not a single one

Your views about EliteChoice.
I like luxe

Your turn! Ask me one question, anything you like.
I’m reserving that until I meet you in person; remind me then.

I think this dose of anesthesia is enough for bloggers to know the face behind Book Of Joe.

Many thanks Joe for extracting time from your busy sked and feeding my readers with interesting responses.
Joe Stirt

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