Tame Your Multitasking Via Cube Concept

These days, life moves so fast that everyone gets into mutli-tasking and finds himself absorbed amidst attending countless calls, texts, ims, facebook messages and other sundry but essential things. Catering to your speedy lifestyle, a product called ‘Tame Cube’, is been conceptualized to be devised. Either side of the can be tailored with a status message of your choice and can be synced as per your needs and applications.

Let me illustrate this for you: While driving, no one likes to be diverted. During that time, you can simply twist the cube to display a relevant message and then if anyone tries to reach you can automatically be alerted of your position. It features a red-yellow-green color coding system that gives access to at-a-glance availability assortment. Those who are born gamblers can consider this cube as a mere excuse. The wireless device is accessible via internet and there is no scope for this product to hit the market soon as it is still a concept.

Via Gizmodo / TheGreenGrass
Cube Concept

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