Ride Through The Lake Via Thoroughbred

While riding through the secluded lake may not seem exciting as docking your yacht in St. Tropez harbor. Those in a mood to craft a big splatter at lake should eye a custom houseboat, which is a 117-foot 2008 Thoroughbred Yacht cum houseboat priced at $1.75 million. At this price, the Thoroughbred 117 comes outfitted with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a complete office, sunken kitchen, all flat panel televisions–Plasma, LCD, DLP 27” to 52”.


It also offers four refrigerators, four icemakers, two gas fireplaces, five hot water heaters, two Jacuzzi tubs, 44’ long Sun deck, wine cooler cum cabinet, four cameras for exterior monitoring and engine room and two Jacuzzi tubs. It also features a hydraulic lift master bed, a top deck mister system, a 21-foot horseshoe bar, an ostrich skin ceiling, and the list is endless. But those craving to explore oceanic beauty shall have at least four times of dough asked for this houseboat.

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