Fit Fur Life Treadmill For Your Poochie

If taking your dog to Chateau Poochie, a $2mn dog resort seems too much a deal for you then why don’t you go for one time investment for your poochie? After all they also have right to stay fine. Consider Fit Fur Life Treadmills designed and engineered for an absolute muscle enhancing, toning and fitness regime that assures overall health and vivacity of a dog besides curbing caustic behavior problems, thereby increasing their life span and averting obesity. Enthused by human fitness technique, it is a blessing for your poochie to reap the benefits of a treadmill and stay healthy.

The idea click Sammy French’s mind, Fit Fur Life founder, when she was recovering from her operation and didn’t had energy to walk her dogs. And thus developed these treadmills after wide-ranging research in consultation with a veterinary surgeon and practiced latest technology to design sophisticated product customized to canine needs. Commonly used by vets, breeders, showdog and regular dog owners, the treadmills are available in four models with an incline feature that controls variable speed and offers comfort to any dog.

Fit fur Life Treadmill

The two top end models come equipped with a decline feature offers shoulder therapy and aids elbow and pastern problems. Both incline and decline features can be monitored via a console that can adjust the ascent by 1% augmentation to a maximum of 10% and minus 5% gradient. The website proposes that dogs shouldn’t use treadmill for more than 20-30 minutes and three times a week while puppies or beginners should devote only 1-3 minutes per day.

Fit fur Life Treadmill

If you wish to offer an expert training to your poochie, then the comfort doesn’t come cheap. The “Small” model retails for £599 ($1190) and welcomes small dog breeds viz. American Cockers and Tibetan Terriers. The “Medium” is £900 ($1780) designed especially for breeds such as Border Collies, Labradors, Retrievers, and Australian Shepherds. The “Superior” model is priced at £1300 ($2580) and is embattled at specialized breeders and kennel owners. And the fourth one, the “Professional” model is designed with vets, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centres and police dog training units in mind and costs £1695 ($3360). Except the professional one, all three are foldable.

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