Tepee: A Complete Outdoor Tent

For voyagers of all ages, the classic Tepee (2008) is an ideal deal to fulfill their wish of spending time al fresco with negligible bang on the neighboring scenery. Crafted by Dave Ellis for his own living, it can be seen as an out product of his experience of staying outside for 10 years while he was engaged in the canvas business. He started his own business of tents and tepees in 1982. The quality of its material and construction offers ventilation, flame resistance and toughened stress points.

Now you must be wondering every tent claims to offer these features. So, whuy should you spill over your money here. Right? Just go through its USPs and you will get answer to all your whys. Its sewn-in floor liner allows proper air flow assuring that nothing inadvertently pierces into the Tepee. Digging poles into the floor becomes easy via Tepee. You may question the non-waterproof feature of the liner but that is purposeful so that material that breathes doesn’t kill the grass beneath. The external canvas is tightly woven, preshrunk 100% cotton Army Duck that’s finished with a Sun forger baked-in method to make the canvas mold defiant and water repugnant. All this comes at a drop of $2,200.

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